Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Make Krumkake

This past week, the NHTC learned how to make krumake from one of our experts here at the museum. Louise was gracious enough to share her special recipe and teach us a thing or two about this delicious Norwegian delicacy.

2 c. cream
2 c. flour
1 c. sugar
1 egg yolk
A few drops of vanilla and almond extract or cardamom, to taste

And of the course, the most important ingredient in any recipe, you need a crew of hungry and eager bakers.

Making krumkake requires some specialty equipment: a krumkake iron, and some krumkake cones. While krumkake irons aren't cheap, they are definitely worth it if you like cookies, Nordic food, or joy and satisfaction.

First, you have to beat the cream and sugar together. This is where the "magic touch" is required - it has to be stiff, but not too stiff. A smile helps you to achieve the right consistency. Make sure to hide your smile behind a funny face if someone else is interfering with your work.

Beat the egg into the mixture. Add flour gradually, then add the vanilla and almond extract/cardamom.

Now, we are ready to make the krumkake. Place about a tablespoon of batter into each mold in the krumkake iron. If you add more than this, you will be wasting precious krumkake batter, depriving all your friends and family of their chance to take "just one more," thereby ruining Christmas.

"Ahh! Hot!!"

Let the krumkake bake until it is begins to turn golden brown on both sides, quickly remove and roll onto a tube or krumkake cone while the cookie is still hot. This will ensure that the cookie achieves it's unique form, while also ensuring your fingers achieve 1st degree burns.

Box o' krumkake

Let the krumkake cool for a minute on the form, then remove. And guess what? This recipe makes 50 krumkake. 50! And they're great while they're hot, so why not eat a few right away. I know I ate "a few" (depending on your definition of "a few"). Or you can fill them with whipped cream, lingonberries, or anything else you have handy (icre cream, perhaps?). I may not be Norwegian, but I'll celebrate with the rest of them when the krumkake come out.

-Dylan High

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