Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter 2014 Highlights

It's hard to believe it's almost mid-winter break already, but we've had a stimulating and productive Winter session so far. Check out a few of the highlights and stay tuned for blog posts from the NHTC members soon!

After some exploration, and an in-depth discussion of the ideas of craft and heritage, we kicked back for a little thematically appropriate Lego-time (Legos are a Danish product-- didn't you know?)  Everyone was happy to spend some time building Legos at the end of the session!

We were very lucky that Museum volunteer Barb Johnson was able to join us as a guest presenter a few weeks ago.  She shared her knowledge and skills about the art and craft of traditional Norwegian rosemåling.  In addition to bringing her work, and some painting supplies, she also brought her famous almond cake! Another thing we learned about Barb-- she's not even Norwegian!  A good example of personal heritage.  Thanks for a great experience, Barb!

Barb starts off with some information about the origins of rosemåling.

Here Barb explains that the Rogaland style of rosemåling 
is characterized by a symmetrical design. 
(On the back table is a small sample of Barb's own work). 

How do you even read this pattern? Where do you begin? 
Barb had some good tips.
After Barb's presentation, the NHTC members got to try their hand  at rosemåling. 
Here are Amanda, Sophia and Eli.

And here Nigel and Evan are working away.

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